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How Cows Grazing and Youtube Videos Shaped Madison's Slow Pulp

Last September, Emily Massey, Alex Leeds, Henry Stoehr, and Teddy Matthews made their way to Chicago to start a new chapter with their dream punk group, Slow Pulp. Filing into a studio on a snowy day in Brooklyn, we sat around on floor pillows and fell into a discussion of describing the world in colors and what it means to have people in your life who you are so deeply connected to.

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Catching Up With: Yuck

The shoegaze tunes of Yuck’s debut album in 2011 wasthe soundtrack of my senior days at Rhinebeck High. Forever cemented into my memory,  the album is now a time portal back to those yellow days where my driving was as unpredictable as a hormonal teenager in a Subaru so desperately overdue for an inspection. 

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