Setlist: White Reaper


By Rachel Cabitt

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt



So there's this band that dubs themselves as ”The World's Best American Band." When stopping in New York, they played back to back shows at Baby's All Right, because one show would definitely not be enough (and also due to selling out their first). At the second and last show of the night, their bassist smashed the ceiling with his untamable ebbs and flows and then proceeded to close his eyes, lay on his back, and let the crowd take him high into the air as if being sacrificed to the rock gods. While White Reaper's Kentucky origins might be instilled with some historic American spirit, it's their energy and banter that might truly hold up that self-titled proclamation.


*White Reaper never officially dubbed themselves "The World's Best American Band," but they did their recently released album, which you can listen to below!


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