Setlist: Shame


By Rachel Cabitt

Photo by Rachel Cabitt

Photo by Rachel Cabitt

U.K.'s Shame is one of the most dedicated bands on the road right now. Not because they slept in Alex G's practice space with only one heater after their show in Philly the night before. Or that they played nine shows at their first SXSW and drove through numerous snow storms. Or that over the course of their whole North American tour, they drove a total of 9000 miles over 143 hours.

Shame is in fact the most dedicated band in our book because they literally took one hour to complete this Setlist; a POND record. Their haiku had to be nothing less than award-winning poetry, their band portrait had to be worthy of hanging in the Tate, and their role as future prime minister of England was taken very, very seriously. With the release of their debut album, Songs of Praise, and their final show of tour at Market Hotel sold out, the group of twenty year olds deserve nothing less than praise itself. 


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