Photo Review Vol. 1

With so much of our everyday lives being tied to a screen, having one’s own words and images be tangible is a rare thing for an artist to experience nowadays, especially those who are up and coming. So with that in mind, we’re introducing the POND Photo Review Vol. 1, a compilation print book featuring work from the next generation of photographers.

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The Sexist Bogeyman:

The Groupie

You see someone walk up to a band to chat after a set and the gender suddenly becomes very important for reading the scene. Do you guess they are a guy going up to express admiration, or a girl going up with the hopes of slipping back stage?

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This Week's Midweek Music

Chicago artist Uma Bloo curates our Valentine's Day Midweek Music playlist for all the hearts out there. Featuring Carly Simon, Donna Summer, Mannequin Pussy and more.