On Tour with Glove: Florida Oranges and Taco Bell


by Devon Bristol Shaw


I’ve always liked diving into the unknown, observing those I barely know. Like looking into an aquarium or seeing faraway constellations through a telescope. I prefer going places I’ve never been to before, taking roads I’ve never been on, never to be seen again in the same way. 

I went to Florida for the first time ever this year. I grew up in California, (they’re not the same). The landscape is marbled with romance and Spanish moss. The streets are barren; sometimes you can go a whole day without ever seeing another soul. I went for a music festival. It was the inaugural event for BOYTOY’s, Glenn Van Dyke’s first ever ‘Winterland’ in Jacksonville. I like being a part of the beginning of something. I guess this is where that part of me that likes the unknown comes in again. 

I also like being on the road. After shooting bands like Plastic Pinks, Timothy Eerie, BOYTOY, and Jacuzzi Boys at the festival, I hit the road with Glove to find my way back home to Brooklyn. Their music is best described by Steam Shark Steak Williams of The Nude Party as "new age tone zone of chrome". Otherwise, fans of bands like Devo, The Clean and The Human League will be most intrigued by their sound. 

Thankfully, Brie, Michelle aka ‘Dayslug,’ Rod and Brianna were nice enough to let me into their van. While in Tampa, they took me to their favorite Cuban Cafeteria, when I ran out of film, Dayslug’s Father was gracious enough to pick me up some in St. Pete, and in turn, Brie and Rod gave me a bed to sleep in and scanner to use for my Polaroids. 

What follows is what I saw, what I experienced and a whole lot of what I felt along the way with Glove.


Florida has this great sense of nostalgia. Every now and then a vibrant, antiquated orange juice stand will pop up on a stretch of desolate highway to remind you that you’re still in the Sunshine State.


If you’re familiar with Chain and The Gang, then this photo feels pretty self-explanatory.


The key to van life longevity is to always make sure Rod checks the oil, or something like that…


Brianna, she’s a classy lady even when she’s asleep.


Dayslug unloads the van for their show at Baby’s All Right with Las Rosas and The Nude Party.


I made them stop for this photo. I had a minute to take it because we were on a tight schedule to get to the next venue. I don’t regret demanding it. I mean, it’s a pink elephant in front of a fireworks store, WTF?


Sometimes you just gotta entertain yourself…


In the words of The Black Eyed Peas, “pump it.” (Did I just get scorned from the music scene for life? Worth it.)


It was Taco Bell, so ya know the bathroom sitch. Just kidding! But it was TB…


Brie, who owns a vintage store in Tampa called, ‘Frolic Exchange,’ casually matches the drum kit at Winterland.


Rod on vox and guitar at their Philly show.


I ate a falafel here when we stopped in Savannah, GA. Mmmm falafel...


Dayslug back on that Taco Bell grind with the cinnamon twists.


Rod wearing a custom screen printed Richard Hell shirt riding a skateboard in front of Glenn’s house in Jacksonville, FL.


What I imagine Hemingway must have seen outside his window at his home in the Florida Keys.


The Glove ladies post dumplings at my favorite laundromat on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.


Heaven is that you?


Both yours and my brain on whisky.


Brie staring into the green room mirror abyss at Baby’s.


Rod and Dayslug looking like Diane Arbus siblings outside of her kitchen in Tampa, FL.


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