Tour Diary: Cotillon in Japan

In the Spring of 2017 Jordan Corso and friends toured Asia behind Cotillon's sophomore effort The Afternoons, released on April 18 via Beijing imprint Modern Sky. Here are photographs from 8 disposable cameras that Cotillon used to capture the Japanese leg of their Asia tour.


Sumire and Madoka at the X Girl party in Sendai


Riko Maeda, owner of Marking Records in Matsumoto.


Nimo Masahiro, owner of Give me little more bar in Matsumoto, and master of Negroni.


Sumire, Naoki, Lucas, Wilson, and Kevin drinking Jose Cuervo; pretty much the only type of tequila they sold in Asia.


Band photo in front of Matsumoto Castle.


Tour walk through Matsumoto city.


Japanese couple in Rolls Royce on the highway.


Sumire and Naoki outside a rest stop on the highway with our rental van

Noah boy and Noah car.


Wilson taking in nature


Wilson ill.


The Pacific.


The sweetest Misako from Sendai.

Jordan and Aya Gloomy at Big Love Records in Harajuku


Our friend from Sendai who teaches english and helped us talk to girls. He's been DJing indie pop for 30 years.


I don't smoke, I hate smoking. I have a very sensitive throat. This particular cigarette destroyed my voice the next two days.


Hanging with our friend Katoman at the Hungry Beat, the bar we ended every night at. 

Kevin and Riko at the Hungry Beat.


Hungry Beat bar. Very drunk night.


Waking up in the most beautiful traditional Japanese home ever.


The Queen of Indie 45.


Shibuya at night


Sumire in Matsumoto


Jordan at Shibuya crossing.


Lucas at a vending machine restaurant. You pay first and then bring the ticket inside and are served that way.




Lucas, Noah, and Jordan at an arcade in Shpimokitizawa


The flower shop outside our apartment in Shimokitizawa


Noah with Jordan's left handed guitar.


Late night apartment jam with Natsuki from Luby Sparks.

Yuki performing a new song for us in the kitchen.


Noah and Jordan in Shimokitizawa arcade


Natsuki, Kevin, and Noah in Shimokitizawa arcade.


Natsuki & Harune of Twee Girls Club in Tokyo at Shimokitizawa 3


Luby Sparks live, supporting Cotillon in Tokyo


Special Cotillon merch Sumi and Riko made for us :)


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