Tour Diary: Midriffs and Black Beach

By Andrew Gibson


Winter Tour 2016 ft. Boston rock bands Midriffs and Black Beach


Andrew: A couple squatters we ran into at a rest stop off the highway in Georgia.


Andrew: We found this haunted cat skull in the abandoned shack.


Ben: Vibin’.


Steve: View upside-down.


Midriffs: Led Zeppelin IV.


Ben: Waffle House sucks.


Andrew: Black Beach playing The Jinx in Savannah, they had a sick punching bag game that you can see in the background, i believe i registered the fastest punch clocking in around 75mph ;)


Midriffs: Nick (drummer) looks like Jerry from the Shakedown Street era
Andrew: it was pretty chill being able to smoke inside at most bars down south, they got that figured out for sure.


Ben: Heaven.
Andrew: Savannah was lit.


Steve: Huge shout out to Josh/Dad Joke.
Andrew: Not only did Josh let us crash at his place after the show, but he also made us some bomb ass chocolate chip cookies, i think i had like 7 or 8 of them.


BEN: Johnny Depp from Blow.


Andrew: Midriffs in NOLA.


Ben: Got packing the van down to a science.


Andrew: Van vibes.


Andrew: Steve being a rock star.


Andrew: The Rap Daddy in St. Pete, apparently the same beach they filmed Spring Breakers.


Ben: The best ice coffee on earth.
Andrew: What Ben said.


Ben: Magic City Monday.


Ben: Roll down window, roll up endo.
Andrew: Mo green and the vape priest.


Ben: Atlanta behind 529.


Steve: Faith +1.


Ben: China and Tony hooked us up. Came home from the show in Atlanta at 3 am to her cooking us hungry boys chicken wings. At THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.


Ben: Shanty town in NOLA.


Ben: Midriffs at DRK MTTR w/ Free Pizza.
Andrew: Nashville rules.


Ben: DRK MTTR Nashville, TN.


Ben: Dead head.


Andrew: Vape vibes in the green room of 529 in Atlanta.


Midriffs: ZZ TOP.


Ben: Bourban St was gross. we saw the Mississippi River tho.


Midriffs: The Aruba Grandpa.


Andrew: Felix cleaning out the pool after it got pretty dirty the night before.


Ben: The worst sonic in the world, somewhere in Alabama
Andrew: The burger was grim, but the tater tots were so dope!