On the Road with The Britanys


It's Friday afternoon in Bushwick and instead of making plans to go get tacos before a night out, I'm hopping into the car with the Brooklyn boys you know so well, The Britanys. We're about to head to State College, Pennsylvania to meet up with Acid Dad for a show at Penn State. With a new fourth member and the release of their new single, City Boys, it's due time to see how these city boys (yes, pun intended) are going to fair out in the big, bad country. 


First rest stop of the day. Lucas wanted to get a picture of him pumping gas, but every place we've gone to has had servicemen and in New Jersey it's against the law to pump your own gas... so this is the best we can do.


Everyone, meet Jake; pizza face and all. He's the new fourth band member of The Britanys. A few things about him: he's a true New Yorker, grew up in upper Manhattan, went to Bard College where he studied History, is an Yves Saint Laurent model, and is also the owner of a Reddit famous tattoo (done by our very own Sean Penncils). I'd say he's a keeper. 


At the second rest stop we grab pizza and snacks for dinner. Jake gets Borat for desert.



Last rest stop is in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. We just passed a sign that said Jersey Shore, so we're confused if we even drove any distance at all. It's a little chilly and we're ready to get to Penn State. But the lot is deserted and the boys bought two baseball bats (broke one), so let's play a little ball.


There's a large, abandoned trailer on the outskirts of the rest stop. We drive the car over and flash the brights on. Nothing like that beautiful mini van light to show off those top notch rocker bods.


Okay, boys. No more ball, you've got a show to play.


We finally arrive at Penn State fashionably late, like all New Yorkers, and cram ourselves into the graffiti covered basement of a house with what seems like half of Penn State and Acid Dad. 

Gabe, The Britanys

Gabe, The Britanys


Vaughn, Acid Dad

Kevin, Acid Dad


We're all hot and sweaty, pressing cold cheap beers to our mouths. The house is missing a throne for the drum, there's only one mic, and the stage consists of a patch of foundation in the corner of the basement. There's one light and no room. It's great. 


Already tearing down houses, and this is what, his third show? Can't take this new guy anywhere...


Thanks for taking me on the road boys. You can check them out at CMJ all next week as well as at our POND Mag showcase at Arlene's Grocery on Saturday, October 17th.