Tour Diary: Tall Juan and Ben Katzman's DeGreaser

Photographed by Andrew Gibson


 All Out of Bubblegum Tour ft.

Tall Juan and Ben Katzman's Degreaser


Andrew: My fav pic of the tour, caught Ben and Juan during an intimate moment in the Wally World parking lot.


Tall Juan: We got to the Mo-Town museum but it was closed.


Ben: Tall Juan was talking in this one.


Ben: I was working the Instagram.

Tall Juan: I was bored.


Tall Juan: I had just one hit of weed and I was really high.

Ben: I was taking a selfie.


Ben: This is the most pimp record store ever, also this is our pimp friend Izzy. She roks.


Tall Juan: Here during take 17 of a Ben Katzman song at Daytrotter. 

Ben: He was on Instagram.


Tall Juan: Getting ready to shoot the 'Why Not?' live video at my house in Far Rockaway.


Ben: This is El niño doing what he does best.


Andrew: Ronnie K looking impossibly chill after hustling on the phone all morning selling the new Tall Juan EP to record stores across the country.

Ben: I spent 69 hours that weekend calling record stores, 4give me for wanting 2 chill.


Tall Juan: This is when we got ice cream but Ben didn't get shit.

Ben: My mom doesn't like it when my wallet sticks out like that. She thinks it makes my butt look fat.


"Oh really" - Nick Rasmussen


Ben: Kool is the rool. I still don't understand why people hate on KISS so much.

Tall Juan: Because they are wack.


Andrew: Ben and Juan after taking a refreshing dip in beautiful Brattleboro, VT. Shortly after, Katzman put a down payment on a house that he’ll be moving into when he’s 60.

Ben: Brattleboro is so sik. I hope one day I get to retire there with my boo and a solid crue and we just get to chill mad hard Monday through Sunday.

Tall Juan: That day I found lots of beautiful stones and I brought them back home.


Tall Juan: I got to make a new hole in my belt.

Ben: He crapped his pants.


Ben: This looks ssik.

Tall Juan: Woah.




Ben: Hipster Terminator.


"Oh really" - Nick Rasmussen


Tall Juan: Street Boxing Lessons In Philadelphia.

Ben: Street Boxing Lessons in Chiladelphia.

Ben: We were in the car for like 16 hours, and the muffler was hanging low.

Tall Juan: I was taking a nap there and I didn't get any Arizona. You snooze, you looze.


"wasup" - Nick Rasmussen


Tall Juan: Excited to see the Pope in Phili.


Andrew: Almost as crucial as actual gasoline, Taco Bell was the fuel that propelled the tour.


Andrew: Three soft tacos please.


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