A Year in Color, a Photo Diary by Erik Djurklou


Photos by Erik Djurklou


Last year was the most uncertain year of my life. No money, lots of emotions, big risks. But my photos were the opposite of all that. I try to emphasize the good things. We spend so much of our lives worrying; about the future, money, love, death... When we should be spending more time celebrating the beautiful moments that make up the roller-coaster ride that is our existence.

Mexico 8.jpg

Washing off a 13 hour jet-lag in Tulum.

Mexico 6.jpg

If you cut my hair, I'll cut yours.

POND 43.jpg

Alice cut my hair in Mexico. What was left of my lovely locks.

Mexico 2.jpg

Last photo of Alice by the Yal-ku lagoon.

POND 22.jpg

First time I met Lao she played gangster rap and messed up my apartment.


Being a designer is not always glamorous.

POND 10.jpg

Alex from a roof deck in NY. The doorman specifically warned me not to get up there and take pictures. Apparently he had been spying on us through the security cameras and banned me from being up there the rest of my stay. Worth it.


One good thing about living smack in the center of London - when the cops seal off my neighborhood, there's always an open pub nearby.


The first time I met Tijana, she framed herself.


Expensive but again, worth it.

POND 4.jpg

Berlin - Après rave, "recovering" in a biergarten.


I wanted to change my roll of film but had one frame left. Sometimes you get lucky :)


Interrupting her studying.


Alice ascendig a cave in Mexico.


Sarah modeling vintage clothes in beautiful Djurgården, Stockholm.

POND 31.jpg

Christian and I was on our way to visit our friend Leo in Paris.

POND 19.jpg

Nobody looks as good with soap in his eye as Leo.

POND 25.jpg

First time meeting Hanna. We had been eating Pad-thai and when it was time to start shooting I took this photo.


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