Pictionary with Camilo Medina


Art Courtesy of Camilo Medina


At age thirteen, I moved to Miami from Colombia. In high school I painted and played in a sloppy hardcore band and then moved to Chicago to get my BFA from the School of the Art Institute, which was incredible. After school I worked at an agency in downtown Chicago for four years. It's been over a year since I started freelancing for myself, which gives me more time for my band, Divino Niño, and drawing around. I feel like I've spent a lot of time designing for other people, trying to give them exactly what they want, and now I can just focus more on exploring shape and color, and making things that crack me up and make me feel good. 


POND: First thing you do when you wake up.

Camilo: Put socks on


POND: What did your 7th grade class photo look like?

Camilo: Had just moved to Miami from Colombia and was really into looking like the slipknot guys lol.


POND: Favorite shape and color combo.

Camilo: Vibing to this right now:


POND: Place you go to relax.

Camilo: King Spa! first time I went I got a little stoney in the parking lot before going in and everything felt alright 


POND: Most psychedelic part of Chicago.

Camilo: Probably El Trebol Liquors in Pilsen. I've only been there twice but it seems like a lot South American dads love to get drunk there and it makes me feel like I'm in a Jodorowsky movie. 


POND: Who is the member that's always late to band practice?

Camilo: Javier, but he knows we love his ass.


POND: Redesign the logo for McDonalds as if it were vegan.

Camilo: My gf gave me this idea haha so good!


POND: Your worst nightmare.

Camilo: I run out of money


POND: Last thing you do before you go to sleep.

Camilo: Put the PJs on!


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