Pictionary with Vundabar


Art Courtesy of Vundabar


While Boston's Vundabar are obviously known for their music, they're also known for their dramatic and lively performances, charmingly goofy demeanor and if you didn't know, they also have quite the knack for the art of visual imagery. Friends and neighbors since high school, Brandon Hagen and Drew McDonald have stayed true to themselves and their music, still operating and releasing their music independently. From having them at our CMJ (R.I.P.) show back in 2015, to hacking our Instagram story while on tour with Hockey Dad and The Frights in November of this year, we've seen nothing but growth. In lieu of their soon to be released third album Smell Smoke and their Spring 2018 tour with Ratboys, we thought we'd show you a different side of the boys. 


POND: What does your tour van look like?


van's broke.jpeg

POND: Favorite road snack.


tour snax.jpeg

POND: Draw what your forthcoming album Smell Smoke sounds like.



POND: Draw your apartment in Boston.


question 4.jpeg

POND: Who are your neighbors?


question 5.jpeg

POND: Favorite fellow band in Boston.


question 6.jpeg

POND: What did Drew dream about last night?


question 7.jpeg

POND: What did Brandon look like in high school?


high school.jpeg

POND: What does a "garage rock" look like?


question 9.jpeg

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