Pictionary with Constance Tenvik


Art Courtesy of Constance Tenvik


Constance Tenvik is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, New York, and Berlin. With an MFA from Yale University School of Art and a BA from Oslo Art Academy, Tenvik has shown her work all around the world in Stockholm, Switzerland and Norway, just to name a few. With an unmistakable pastel color palette accompanied by loose linear motions, Constance's imagery mixes childhood memories with mature conversations.  Tenvik is currently working on an exhibition entitled Soft Armour that will open at The Young Artists Society (UKS) and The Artists House (Kunstnernes Hus) in Oslo on December 8th of this year. Through a set of hand-painted illustrations, she shares her everyday life with us.


POND: First thing you did this morning.

Constance: Ate breakfast.


POND: Show us your creative space.

Constance: Smiling.


POND: Best part about being a redhead.

Constance: Burning bush.


POND: What does your favorite color look like?

Constance: Last year the PANTONE Color of the Year was a combination of Baby Blue and Baby Pink, or Rose Quartz and Serenity, as they say. I'm still not over that. 


POND: Favorite childhood toy.

Constance: I got a red Game Boy when I visited my grandparents in Bangkok when I turned 6. It was the coolest. 


POND: One thing you've been meaning to do but keep avoiding.

Constance: Become an excellent chess player.


POND: The most Norwegian thing:

Constance: Heart-shaped waffles.


POND: Draw the Medieval version of Trump.



Keep up with Constance and her work on Instagram and her site.