Pictionary with Alberto Pazzi


Art Courtesy of Alberto Pazzi


Artist Alberto Pazzi was born under the Mexican sun 27 years ago. He creates illustrations that often express melancholy in a colorful and humorous way. Dropping out of college a few years ago, he learned english by watching Seinfeld, and decided to move to New York City when inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lou Reed. Alberto descends directly from the infamous Pazzi family that in 1478 plotted to displace the Medici Empire as rulers of the Renaissance in Florence. As a result from this, his family was sentenced to burn in Dante’s Divine Comedy’s Inferno forever. Alberto thinks this is kind of cool. His sign is Aquarius with the moon in Scorpio, one of the worst combinations in the zodiac.


POND: Mornings in Mexico.

Alberto: The things I remember the most are the hundreds of birds singing, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and the gentle wind of my beloved land.  


POND: Draw yourself a as a teenager:

Alberto: I was very strange and naive like any other teenager. Soccer was the only thing I cared about. 


POND: Draw yourself now:

Alberto: Once a clown, Always a clown. That’s my motto. 


POND: Dirtiest spot in NYC.

Alberto: There’s this public bathrooms in Chinatown, right on Chrystie and Grand that you should never visit. I’ve seen horrible things happen in there. 


POND: You always forget to...

Alberto: Wash the dishes.


POND: Most interesting person you've met in a bar.

Alberto: It was last summer, the night that Alan Vega died. I was pretty bummed having a cigarette outside Montana’s and suddenly this homeless-looking dude comes and say “Why the long face?” so we started talking, and turns out he was friends with Alan Vega in the 70’s during his heroin-fueled adventures. Of course I didn’t believe him, at first, but then he started going over some very specific details that made me wonder. All my friends left and I stayed talking with him for a while. Then he vanished in the horizon. He might have been a ghost. 


POND: Favorite Spanish saying:

Alberto: "Estás viendo que el perro es huevón y le pones tapete.” (it means: You know the dog is already lazy and you throw him a blanket.) One of many sayings that make more sense in Spanish. 


Keep up with Alberto and his work on Instagram and his site.