Pictionary with Crystal Zapata


Art Courtesy of Crystal Zapata


Crystal Zapata, a Chicago-based designer and artist, experiments with constructing dysfunctional furniture, silk screening clothing, photography, and graphic design... definition of a Renaissance woman in 2017 if there ever was one. Her work crosses a variety of mediums leaving a distinct mark on every piece she creates. Through illustrations, gifs, and photos, Crystal lends us a peak into her space and creative mind.


POND: Show us your best selfie/ self-portrait.


8942CZ000001-R4-019-8 copy.jpg

POND: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Crystal: Coffee from a styrofoam cup and sweet rock n' roll


POND: What's your go-to t-shirt?

Crystal: I bought this t-shirt at my favorite thrift store in my neighborhood, Family Thrift.


POND: Show us your commute to work.

Crystal: I ride my bike down two different streets.

Scan j2.jpg

POND: Favorite spot in Chicago.

Scan 2.jpg

POND: What shape gives you the most feels?

Crystal: Circles and blobs

IMG_8259 copy.jpg

POND: Celeb crush from middle school.

Crystal: Unfortunately, I feel the need to be completely transparent; it's going to have to go to Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco during their theatrical circus freak phase... I wish you hadn't asked.


POND: Where are you on a Friday night?

Crystal: I'm most likely home making objects and dancing around my apartment. I also go out on occasion...


POND: Dream disco outfit.

Crystal: Somewhere in between cool as hell and terrifying. Elton John's sunglasses, Cher's pants, Diana Ross's top, Cindy Brady's boots, and Florence Henderson's facial expression.


Keep up with Crystal and her work on Instagram and her site.