Photo Diary: Jackson Krule

Photographed by Jackson Krule


Frida is my first dog. 5 months ago, my girlfriend and I rescued her from a kill shelter in Tennessee when she was 6 weeks old. The first two weeks we had her I was overwhelmed by the responsibility of having to take care of a living thing. No I get sad whenever I have to leave her for more than a couple of minutes. Working from home, it's so great to have an excuse to go outside and walk her. I always try and switch up our routes to keep things interesting. Here I chronicled a week of our adventures. 


Frida always wakes us up the same way, on top of one of our chests tail wagging. Usually around 6am.


She loves trying to pull me into the street. It's a problem.


She is a very particular pooper. She needs to go in the cracks on the sidewalks, nowhere else. 


On the Union Street bridge over the Gowanus Canal. She hates being tethered. I had to bribe her with chicken jerky.


Frida trying to play with a tethered white dog. She has two moves when playing with dogs. When it's a smaller dog: jump up like she's boxing them. When the dog is bigger: lay on her back submissively and pee a little.


I never understood why dogs and fire hydrants are a cliche. When it comes to what she'll pee on, Frida does not discriminate.


She refuses to walk on grates. I've seen poodle who are trained to pee on them so they don't get any on themselves.


The first of two 4 hours naps. She lives the life.


Find more of Jackson's work here. Special thanks to The Impossible Project.

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