One More Mile: Alec Castillo


Alec Castillo, photographer and a member of The Nude Party, a band he started with his friends a few years ago, has been photographing their lives together and is now self-publishing a collection of his images in the form of a printed book titled One More Mile. In an attempt to collect moments in-between shows Alec has carried his camera while touring the country over the last few years. It has traveled with him up and down the east coast and across the US, but aside from the occasional presence of a tour van and some scenes in a bar this portfolio of images transcends the typical tour diary of a month or two on the road. He captures friendship, adventure and a trust between subject and photographer is evident. Being so much a part of the group, the subjects rarely notice their photograph being taken. With this book, Alec is recording an authentic and genuine portrayal of time spent with his closest friends and in return he shares with us a refreshing and intimate insight to one band's life together. 


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Courtesy of Alec Castillo


"The series has expanded from touring to a larger profile. Finding places to sleep in cities we've never been, meeting new people, balancing school and traveling on weekends, and experiencing unfamiliar territory with people that I'm incredibly close to. These are the guys I've known from an early age, live with, tour with, write music with, and spend every waking moment with. This is an ongoing document of our relationship on the road. I look for moments of intimacy shared, and emotion and body language that I'm familiar with or might be feeling at the same time. "


"I've brought my camera with me on every out of town show we've ever played, including east coast tours, out of town weekend shows (while still in school), SXSW, festivals, and US tours.  Some of the photos were taken at our house, The Nude Ranch after hometown shows and during Nude Fest, a music festival we throw at our house every year. The photos in this book span back to our very first tour in May 2015."


"I think I've learned how to become a more patient photographer through this project. I'm usually aware of when a moment is about to unfold, so (if I have my camera) I'm ready to shoot. I try to stay on my toes and not expect anything in particular to happen, and that usually leads to more interesting photographs. Everything is fast paced on the road, and there are times where I've missed shooting important moments or not waited long enough with an image for a stronger scene to unfold. I try not to let it bother me too much. It's important to be engaged without my camera too. I'm an insider shooting within my crew, but also in unknown territory most of the time. I've become more connected to that fluctuation between familiarity and unfamiliarity."


- 50 perfect bound copies made, signed an numbered
- 5 hardcover special edition copies made, signed and numbered
- 86 Pages, 12x12", Uncoated Paper
- Special Edition Hardcover book comes with an 11x17" Photo Print on Ultra Pro Satin Paper (Borderless), signed and numbered

You can purchase One More Mile online here.

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