Midweek Music: Legends Never Die

Playlist Curated by Natalie Leonard, Katie Heins, Carl Pietrusinski


"Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die."


In terms of music, we see a legend as somebody who creates timeless work that anybody of any age can enjoy. Most of us here at POND weren't even alive when the majority of these iconic musicians were cranking out tunes. Rather, it's more likely that our parents were spinning half of these artists' vinyls on grandma's record player. Yet, against the Top 40 music scene of today, saturated with one hit wonders, these timeless artists still hold up and they probably always will. So if Spotify is still alive in 20 years, show your kids this playlist so you can prove my point. Until then, kill off the rest of the work week listening to everybody from Buddy Holly to Biggie.


Don't go chasing waterfalls,