Single Premiere, "Raspberry Vines" by Petite League

Photo by Gabby Jones

Photo by Gabby Jones

Two years, a third record, a career, and what has felt like an entire lifetime has happened since Brooklyn band Petite League put out their 2016 record No Hitter. A couple years removed from the rollercoaster that was graduating, saying goodbye to best friends, a city, and a house that all changed their lives forever, record label The Native Sound helped them create something tangible from that time.

Frontman Lorenzo Gillis Cook states, "it’s a record about the difficulties and relief that are coupled in any change in your life. I wrote this album in my little room in a ramshackle house called the Scarier Dome in Syracuse and am writing this little bit now in New York City sitting at my desk looking at a record that represents everything I was two years ago. Scarier Is Forever, of course, but now I guess so is No Hitter.

Below the band premieres, "Raspberry Vines", a full band version of "Raspberry Seeds", a stripped down song off No Hitter.


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