Cranberry & Lavender: On Tour with Half Waif and Hovvdy


By Hayden Sitomer


Last month, I embarked on a cross country journey photographing and tour managing my gifted friends who make up the band Half Waif. Nandi, Adan, and Robin, who are no strangers to the seemingly endless roads that traverse this country (and Canada), made for the ultimate traveling companions; they are incredibly kind and know how to conquer most every obstacle faced while touring. For most of the trip, we were accompanied by Hovvdy, who are just as sweet as they are Texan (they are very much both). Along the way, we encountered deserts, rainstorms, mountains, rest stops, and what feels like every Super 8 Motel in America. 

We came out the other side wiser, sleepier, tanner, and more determined to continue to follow the roads that present themselves in front of us, both literal and those less tangible.

HW 1.jpg

Half Waif band glam shot from our hike in the desert.

HW 2.jpg

Nandi applying finishing touches before Half Waif's release show at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn. Nerves and excitement were abundant.

HW 3.jpg

Soundchecking before the big release gig. Spoiler: the gig was very good.

HW 4.jpg

Adan at one of the many rest stops we graced along the way.

HW 5.jpg

Best buds atop a mountain in Nevada.

HW 6.jpg

A small Nandi contemplating a big world.

HW 7.jpg

This is what a lot of tour looks like.

HW 8.jpg

Hovvdy and Half Waif group poutine outing in Montreal. 'Twas delish!

HW 9.jpg

Ever been flipped off by a plant? We were, in Reno.

HW 10.jpg

Our lonely tent which housed us during a festival in the Arizona desert. Not much sleep happened within its thins walls.

HW 12.jpg

Nandi in a serene green room in Denver, CO.

HW 13.jpg

Courtyard Hovvdy hangs in Salt Lake City.

HW 14.jpg

Big Van in various terrains. I miss Big Van.

HW 16.jpg
HW 15.jpg
HW 11.jpg

Rainbow as seen from Big Van. Nandi loves these things!

HW 17.jpg

Our sweet, sweet tour fam <3

HW 18.jpg

Pulled over on the highway to take in the Salt Flats and the fresh Utah air.

HW 19.jpg
HW 20.jpg

Rest stop stretchin'

HW 21.jpg

Desert day finale.


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