10 Things: Montreal's Pottery

Photo by Luke Orlando

Photo by Luke Orlando

While the word “pottery” might only remind you of your extra-curricular high school art classes, it’ll now bring to mind the Montreal based band of the same name. Originally hailing from parts of Canada and the UK, Pottery consists of core writers Austin Boylan and Jacob Shepansky, along with Peter Baylis, Paul Jacobs, and Tom Gould. Initially bonding over artists such as Orange Juice, Josef K and Devo, the band creates a sound that combines eclectic traces of post-punk, pop, and dance music. Releasing their first single “Hank Williams” with Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson, we asked the newly minted band to give us ten reasons why they’re worth listening to. Find them out and listen to their new single “Hank Williams” below.


1) Tom has the most legible handwriting in the band.

2) Austin can’t be trusted in combat situations.

3) We may or may not headline Coachella this year.

4) A karaoke bar is any bar we decide is a karaoke bar.

5) They call our bass player “Tommy Damage” because of the damage he’ll do to a case of beer (or a quesadilla).

6) Pottery has two blue angels. One is our good friend Bronte and the other is G2 Gatorade Thirst Quencher Cool Blue.

7) We recorded our record in two days. We could’ve done it quicker but we wanted to make it really good.

8) Pottery is named after Jacob’s mom taking pottery classes.

9) We played our first show opening up for Ezra Miller’s band.

10) We will be coming to a town near you very soon so hold onto your boots.


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