Gymshorts Live at 924 Gilman with Photographer Tyler Loring

Written by Sarah Greenwell


We’re on tour right now about to play at 924 Gilman street in Berkeley, California! We’re pretty stoked to play Gilman again—such a cool venue. It’s been around since the 80s and is an all ages DIY volunteer run space. We played there for the first time back in September with Mt. Eddy and it was such a cool show. You can just tell from everyone who comes there how beloved that venue is by the Bay Area.

Last time we were there, our friend Tyler Loring came with his VHS camera and shot some live footage of the show. Our other friend, and sometimes bass player, Andrew Gibson introduced us to Tyler a couple of years ago and he’s been giving us a hand ever since—they went to high school together in Maine. Tyler has been in the scene as both a photographer and part of the Mad Alchemist Liquid Lite Show for some time now. We’ve become pretty great friends and it’s been fun to work on different projects with him throughout the years. We thought it’d be fun to release the video footage of the last Gilman show on the day we play Gilman again so here it is! Also, Tyler asks me some questions too and I fire em’ right back.


Tyler Loring: So the video is of you guys playing 924 Gilman, how was it playing at such a historic venue?

Sarah Greenwell: It was so sick! That place rules so hard! It’s so cool to see all the photos, and graffiti, and just know that so much history has happened in that venue. Pretty stoked to have this video footage of us playing there. What was it like making our video?

Tyler: At first I was a little intimidated with all those youngsters moshing, but it ended up being a blast, bombing around and filming. Especially on VHS, because all the older videos at Gilman were filmed on VHS. Great vibes all around that night!

"Good at Being Bad" is off your new album! How is it to have the album on vinyl?

Sarah: It honestly feels pretty damn good! I’ve been waiting for a really long time to put out some music on vinyl so it feels really exciting and important. What’s your favorite album that you’ve purchased this year so far, and what was the best deal you’ve gotten all year specifically when buying music?

Tyler: Congrats! And it’s green! My favorite album I purchased was This by WEEED and it wasn't even for me, one of the bests albums I’ve heard in years. And best deal would have to be a free cassette the kind guys from WEEED gave me.

I heard you guys play a lot of mini golf on tour. What was your favorite course you played this year?

Sarah: That is very true— Love a good game of mini golf even though I can get pretty competitive. I played some good mini golf in Arcata this past Spring and we played a cool game in some caves last tour. Orlando had a pretty sick course as well! How many times do you think I’ve beaten you at mini golf?

Tyler: Nice, you guys should tour around mini golf courses! I think we have played 10 rounds (mostly 27-36 holes) and you've beaten me maybe three times? I know we tied in San Francisco.

What are your three favorite cities to play in? And match those cities with three flavors of Ben & Jerry's.

Sarah: I love playing San Francisco! That kinda reminds me of “Cherry Garcia”—I mean ya know why!

Chicago is pretty chill—I’d have to compare Chicago to “Salted Caramel Core”, cause its kinda frosty vanilla on the outside and then there’s just this sweet ass core in the middle!

Austin kinda reminds me of “Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz” just because everyone is always fucking ready to go there, ya know what I mean?

What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor and have you gotten a chance to try our “Strawberry Gymshorts Cake” flavor yet?

Tyler: My favorite B n’ J has to be the Strawberry Cheesecake one, I love the little graham crackers in them! And no I haven't! I've been vegan for years now, but I've heard its amazing! Have a nice rest of your tour GYMSHORTS! Safe travels :)


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