NYC Skate Punk Band, Kill Your Friends, Video Premiere


Kill Your Friends is a new skate punk band, fronted by the mysterious figure known only as "Fuckface."

Photo: Jacob Ludwig

Photo: Jacob Ludwig

Fuckface was the frontman of a semi-popular mid-2000's pop-punk band called Love Your Friends, playing Warped Tour and even opening for famous Blink-182 cover band Fuck, I'm 30 And I Guess This Is What I Do Now.

But their success was short-lived. While on tour, Fuckface tried salvia behind a Ruby Tuesday's, triggering a downward spiral of drug-crazed mania and self-destruction, culminating in the band's infamous final show which left thirty fans dead and one hundred injured. One survivor described the bloody scene as "the most hardcore punk shit you could ever possibly imagine."

Immediately following Love Your Friends' tragic last show, Fuckface checked into the Mount Sinai Psychiatric Ward for his homicidal episodes, and then into Spring Lake Rehabilitation Center for his salvia addiction. During this time, the other five members of Love Your Friends (whose slogan was "Never Betray Your Buds") decided they'd had enough of Fuckface and went on to form popular pop punk band The Story So Far.

After hearing news of his former bandmates' success, Fuckface formed Kill Your Friends and decided to never trust anyone ever again.

Their first video release for "You're Not a (Fucking) Poet" is below.


Catch KYF this Friday, July 7th at Mercury Lounge for their first show and keep up with them on BandcampSpotifyInstagram, and Twitter.

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