Visual Album Premiere: Spencer Peppet's "Moon Like Sour Candy"


Photos by Katerina Voegtle

Photo by Katerina Voegtle

Photo by Katerina Voegtle

Spencer Peppet is a bedroom recording project based in New York by way of Cincinnati, Ohio. She started her solo musical venture after moving to college, where she began learning how to record on her own and met Joe Shaffer, director of her Moon Like Sour Candy visual album.

The music for the EP was put together in both New York and Cincinnati across the span of one summer. Focusing on her own experiences as a young girl in the Midwest, Spencer writes about climbing on roofs, her (fictionalized) mother's advice, missing the brother she never had, unrequited love, basil, and encounters with the devil. She hates genres but would venture to say that this EP is indie folk-rock. 

Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources, especially Joanna Newsom, that dog, WHY?, Joni Mitchell, and Vashti Bunyan, Spencer can't keep to just one project. Aside from her solo project, she is also in The Ophelias, as well as Honeylamb, a duo with Mia of Pom Pom Squad. She loves female-and-nb-fronted music, and loves the time she gets to spend with her friends creating it. Find the premiere of Moon Like Sour Candy in both visual and audio form below.


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