Single Premiere, "Elle" by SWIMS


Artwork by Julien Dinkel


"ELLE", the first single off of Berlin-based drummer and producer, Arthur Hnatek's same-titled debut EP, carries the listener through soundscapes that are simultaneously trance-inducing and rhythmic. Known as SWIMS, Hnatek's solo electronic project is an accumulation of his experiences as a composer and producer.

The tracks on SWIMS' debut EP "ELLE" evolve slowly over time. Known for his work with jazz artists Tigran Hamasyan and Erik Truffaz as an acoustic drummer, Hnatek has performed on stages and dance clubs around the world. Aided by sensory percussion triggers, Hnatek has begun paving a new way for how electronic music sets are shaped. Through triggering samples and effects with the drums themselves, SWIMS brings you into a cerebral world of its own. Listen to "ELLE" below before SWIMS full EP comes out November 24th on Susan Records.


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