Midweek Music: Hockey Dad's Billy Fleming

Playlist Curated by Billy Fleming

Intro by Carl Pietrusinski

Photo by Ian Laidlaw


I recently had the privilege of interviewing half of the Australian surf-rock duo Hockey Dad. Billy Fleming detailed the origins of the band’s name, the history of his friendship with fellow member Steve, Australia’s best food that Americans don’t know about, how it felt to recently gain a major record deal and much more in our exchange.

We'll have the interview to you later this week. Until then, I highly suggest that you listen up on Hockey Dad.

Their latest EP, Dreamin', would have made for a great Midweek Music. However, I figured that my man Billy would be able to provide you with some good tunes for this week instead. He compiled a playlist of some of his favorite songs from his "groomie days". In terms of Dreamin, you can find it on Spotify and included in our feature later on this week.

Until then, kick back and kill off the rest of the work week with Billy's Midweek Music playlist.


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