Sea Offs: Sea the Blind EP


Interview by Carl Pietrusinski

Photographed by Rebecca Aronow


Sea the Blind, released last week, is the first EP from the indie-folk collective Sea Offs.

Rashmit Arora, Olivia Price, and Zach Kramer all came together while attending Penn State University. After being introduced to each other at a songwriters club meeting, Rashmit and Olivia started playing music together immediately. When Rashmit wasn’t playing music with Olivia, he was making tunes with his other band Mute Cities, where Zach was the drummer. Whenever Rashmit and Olivia needed help for their gig at Arts Crawl 2015, they knew just who to call.


Rashmit, Olivia, and Zach outside of Penn State's Music Building

Rashmit, Olivia, and Zach outside of Penn State's Music Building


After a year of writing and more than 60 hours of mixing, the trio hit the jackpot.

“I did some Facebook stalking and found the guy who mastered Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago',” Rashmit said. “After finding him, I sent him a creepy Facebook message which he surprisingly responded to.”

That man is Nick Petersen and he must have liked what he heard, as he mastered the three-song EP.

The result is approximately 16 minutes of sonically gorgeous music. Price’s soft voice compliments the airy sounds of Arora’s guitar and an upright bass. The production is clean and lyrics are slightly dark. It all comes together beautifully.

“This EP was in a lot of ways an outlet to get out our frustrations with society. For the most part, the lyrics are pretty heavy because we wanted there to be a take-away message, but musically we wanted people to be able to close their eyes and feel invested in the moment,” Price said.  “All we want to do in music is to make people feel something, so we were really attempting to craft the balance between heavy subjects and sweet music.”

So far, Sea Offs seems to be right on track with their goal.

Next on the agenda for them is their tour, which starts today (March 3rd) in State College. You can find the locations and dates of the shows here. They also have plans to release a few music videos in the near future.

As for the EP, you can currently find it on Soundcloud or purchase it here.