Neither Does Milk


Playlist Curated by POND Staff


Alcohol doesn't solve any problems but then again... 

It doesn’t matter why you’re pissed. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself. Everyone should already know. So put your mean mug on, hit play, walk back to your apartment, don't say hello, and go straight for the vodka.

You are one scary broad that shouldn't be crossed. You don't drink to forget or suppress. You drink for inspiration. And right now you are inspired by gasoline and other flammable things.

This is a playlist for the foot tapping, lip biting calm before the impending shit storm. Hypothetically, if you were to set someone’s car on fire, this would be the playlist you would light the match to.



I don't know if I should drink or run it off at the gym.

Fuck the gym.

And fuck you.

And fuck these things in particular.

Because this guy is my mother fucking, cigarette smoking spirit animal.