Study Music: Reggae


Playlist Curated by POND Staff


Monday’s have an infuriating tendency of dragging on. Classes habitually seem to take a little longer, work becomes a slight bit more saturated with douche bags, and the overall morale of the general public never seems too thrilled on Mondays. Also, according to a fabricated poll that I never conducted 100% of people voted Monday as their least favorite day of the week. Without a doubt in my mind, I could tread through dog dirt, bomb an exam, and wait in line at chipotle for 25 minutes only to find out they are out of steak on a Wednesday and I’d still be delighted by the fact that at least it wasn’t Monday. 

Based upon another study that I completely fudged for the purpose of this playlist, I concluded listening to reggae makes Mondays suck a little less. Something about the horns and off tempo, usually jaunty vocals always seem to make me feel like I should be posting up in a hammock somewhere warm and breezy. I also think it helps that I constantly seem to think back to Paul Rudd miming jamming out and shouting “Slappa da Bass Mon” from I Love You Man in an absolutely disastrous Jamaican accent. So take the next hour to unwind a little bit, put off that homework for a little while longer and try to brush off the other gruesome 23 hours that you’re faced with on this putrid beginning to the week.