A Longing to Move and a Longing to Linger: Majetic on Tour

photographed and written by Justin Majetich


I spent a few lucky weeks in April touring the Southwest: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada. Mostly, I was traveling alone, giddy to witness these wide open worlds in my own quiet way. Every night, I’d arrive in a city as if from a dream—everyone so warm and giving. In the morning, a longing to move and a longing to linger. These are a few of the people and places I saw.


I see you see me see you [CA]


2004: A Honda Odyssey [CA]


A plant in the desert, eerily remote [AZ]


Fifi peddles apocalypse, feat. tiny amp [CA]


Mood outside Albuquerque [NM]


Our tours overlapping, Tracy shares the drive down to LA [CA]


Had to do it to em [NM]


Mag, at long last [NM]


Asiya caught suddenly in a storm [UT]


Ghost Rock Viewing Area [UT]


Asiya and Josie climbing on my birthday [NV]


On some bullsh*t [NV]


Through another storm [UT]


The Bay, always a word away from understood [CA]


<3 [CA]


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