Brooklyn’s Coco Verde Premiere Their Debut EP, “Marathon” While Stoned


Coco Verde, fronted by Julian Anderson and Koko Williams isn’t just a band from Brooklyn. With roots in Detroit, Japan, Korea, and Kansas, they add a much needed flair to New York indie rock. It's hard to tell if their songs are sad or inspirational, but at the least they’re mesmerizing with tantalizing vocals and melodic guitar rhythms. Premiering their debut EP, “Marathon” today via Never Better, their manager Brian interviews the frontmen on the makings of the EP while living the daily hustle and bustle of New York City. Catch them perform “Marathon” at their EP release party this Wednesday, September 19th at Baby’s All Right.


Brian: How did the band meet?

Juju (Julian *in the thickest Detroit accent*): At a burger joint in Brooklyn. We all work—or once worked at—a place called Blue Collar. If you visit, get the veggie burger, meat is murder...

Brian: Why did you start recording this project?

Juju: I got horny.

Koko: I got extra horny.

Juju: I took a break from music when I turned 25. Got scared, went back to school. Tried to be some sort of doctor or somethin’, tried to not be a loser. I worked hard for a couple of years, got a fucking A in Calculus and was at an emergency room in the Bronx shadowing docs for a year. I saw a lot of crazy shit there, saw a lot of death too. I really did loved being in the ER though and really liked the idea of one day going to medical school in the Bahamas! But one day I picked up my acoustic guitar, played a chord, and fucking cried. That’s when I realized that I’d rather be a loser with a guitar than a loser with a scalpel. LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE, you only get one! An Uber could hit you at any moment! So do what you love, or do whatever gets you outta’ bed. If you wanna be a Rabbi, be a Rabbi. You wanna strip, strip, strip, strip! You wanna be a doctor, be a doctor. You wanna get horny, get hard and write a damn tune!

Brian: Favorite pizza place?

Juju: If you’re in Detroit, head down Woodward Ave. and get a Detroit square at Buddy’s on Woodward Ave. When I’m In New York, 2 Brothers...

Koko: I recently went to this place in Howard Beach called Park Place. It’s fucking good. They got a nice thin slice. Also, the register is cool and super old school— the buttons make crazy old school sounds, like “deet, deet, doot.”

Brian: Favorite moment at a show, any show or Coco Verde show?

Juju: At Dirty Summer when I threw up in my mouth before [singing] Clara after a good long pull of Lee Chang Min’s Evan’s, followed by a good night of crowd surfing to Sun Abduction who closed the show after our set. They real good! I remember there being this mannequin by the side of the stage and after a long night of partying Ryan and I ended up interviewing/ interrogating this poor mannequin for about an hour at around 7am in the goddamn morning. I took all my damn clothes off and dressed him/ her. Fucking great time! Some real voodoo shit went on over there!

Koko: House of Vans, when there were hot girls dancing during our set.

Fucking Oasis will get back together cuz they will be so bloody pissed!
— Juju

Brian: How do you like to record?

Juju: To tape. I like making decisions in real time. No delete buttons, or copying and pasting with Coco Verde. We have to practice our asses off to be able to do it live to tape though, and we do. The Marathon EP was done completely to tape. It could have been 1953 and not a thing would have been different from how we recorded. We didn’t record to a single computer. I hate computers.

Brian: What musician or band would play at your funeral and what song?

Juju: Nirvana playing their entire discography and then their choice of a Bruce Springsteen tune, followed by “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” sung by Daniel Gomez (of Native Sun) and then his choice of a Leonard Cohen tune backed by the New York Philharmonic! My funeral gonna be a goddamn real cookin’ concert.

Koko: Roy Orbison singing whatever he wants and I will rest in peace to his beautiful voice.

Brian: Dream show?

Juju: Coco Verde, 250,000 people - sold out 5 nights in a row at a big ass fucking place in England- The American Invasion! Fucking Oasis will get back together cause they will be so bloody pissed!

Koko: I don’t know about a dream show, but I have a dream tour - Lady Gaga, Coco Verde, Nirvana, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, and Elvis!

Brian: Bike or car?

Juju: Tank.

Koko: Helicopter.

Brian: Mario Kart or Smash Brothers?

Juju: Mario Golf.

Koko: Smash brothers, you can be whoever you want and I like to be Kirby.

Koko: Julian who would you be in Smash Brothers?

Juju: I don’t know much about Smash Brothers, but I like them shiny Pokemon cards.

Brian: Mission Impossible or 007?

Juju: Mission Impossible... easily!

Koko: I haven’t seen those, but, Karate Kid! Jackie Chan!

I hate technology. I hate cellular phones. I am gonna put on a neon vest and a hard helmet and roll up with some hammers and screwdrivers next time I go underground.
— Juju

Brian: Have you always played music? How did you start out?

Juju: Yes, I started playing Beethoven piano concertos in my mama’s belly. She says I “came out like Rocky, fist toward the sky!”

Koko: My grandmother taught me how to play piano but I quit after a month or so in first grade because I was an outside kind of girl. I’d rather play tag outside in the park. I’m very good at tag by the way! Then Julian invited me to play in his cool ass band in Brooklyn and I learned how to sing along the way.

Brian: Favorite band or song to hate?

Juju: This is a very special song I hate. When you’re underground waiting for the train in New York and those damn (MTA) speakers above blast what I call the “Ladies and Gentlemen” tune— I lose my cool. I don’t need to be told that the train will be coming in “1 minute”, every damn minute, for 10 fucking minutes straight, or to stay away from the “platform edge.” I figure it’s never a good idea to stand in front of a 30 ton moving train. I hate technology. I hate cellular phones. I am gonna put on a neon vest and a hard helmet and roll up with some hammers and screwdrivers next time I go underground. No one will ever know when the train comes anymore until it fucking comes!!!

Koko: Yeah, come to New York.

Brian: What’s your favorite song on the EP?

Juju: “Marathon.” Love that track. Came out real nice. Fuck it, love em’ all!

Koko: “Marathon” or “Glitter.”

Brian: Where do you live and what do you like about it?

Juju: Brooklyn, Mexican food and Mixtape. Decent Lox. I also like the many bands and friends I’ve met here in the city. So many different sounds, from punk to pop. Love it all and it’s all right fucking here, every night! My friends are playing every night!

Koko: Brooklyn, it’s easy to bike around and there are cool thrift stores.

Both: And Tina’s Diner! Just don’t get the fruit bowl. We get two eggs sunny side, home fries well done, and rye toast with a lil’ butter. We share either waffles, pancakes or french toast depending on the day and our mood. We usually discuss this latter part the night before and decide before bed. And always OJ, coffee and water. Lots of cups on our table! Then we sit in Tina’s and watch soap operas with Tina and hope for a boring scene in “As The World Turns” so that when she’s toasting our toast it don’t burn. NO DISTRACTIONS TINA! Unfortunately, there are no boring scenes...

Brian: Are you high right now?

Juju: Yes.

Koko: Yes.


Keep up with Coco Verde on Instagram and Facebook and get tickets to their EP release show this Wednesday, September 19th at Baby’s All Right.

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