Film Premiere, Stonefield's "Recording Far From Earth"


Australian rock band Stonefield is a family affair, made up of sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay. We first discovered the band when we saw them at SXSW two years ago. What caught our eye was their unmistakable 70s aura, but what made us stay was their heavy hitting psych drawl. Just on the heels of their third album, "Far From Earth", released back in April on King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard's label Flightless Records, the four-piece is now premiering their short film on the behind the scenes process of the record. Matching their 70s ethos, the documentary is shot all on Super 8. To get to know them past their music and style, we asked the members to interview each other, because who doesn't know you better than your own sister?




Sarah: What is it like being in a relationship with someone who is also touring frequently?

Amy: Definitely difficult - particularly this year with us both touring more than ever before for quite long stints. I think having been together for such a long time helps. We already have a solid relationship. Neither of us are jealous people, so we don't have to worry about any of that rubbish.. we just miss each other and having that support and hug if you've had a rough day. 

Hannah: If you could pick where you sat within the siblings eg. oldest, middle or youngest, which would you choose?

Amy: Middle. Being the oldest comes with so many extra responsibilities... you end up feeling like the one that has to sort everything out all the time. The youngest always seems to be spoiled... even if they don’t realize it. I wouldn’t want to grow up having so much done for me and then struggling when reality hits and you’re on your own. The middle child seems to be a nice balance.

Holly:  If earth was going to die in 10 years, and you had the option to be put in a cryogenic sleep and wake up at a new planet; would you spend your last 10 years of life exploring every part of this earth, or leave everything and everyone to live a full life on a new planet?  

Amy: Well that’s a bit intense... I don’t think I could leave everyone behind and there’s so much more to this world that I want to see. If I could take people with me, then I would wake up on a new planet for sure. 




Amy: Hannah, who is your favourite female guitarist alive and one who has passed away?

Hannah: Probably St Vincent. I love that she’s doing something a bit different. As for one that has passed away, definitely Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Not only did she help pave the way for woman in music, she was such a big influence for many musicians in the beginnings of rock and roll, both male and female.  

Sarah: Hannah, if you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing? 

Hannah: I honestly have no idea, at the moment I love playing music and can’t imagine doing anything else. I guess it’d be something else to do with music, perhaps I’d become a music therapist. 

Holly: If you had the choice of growing up in the 60s/70s with no mobile phones or computers, or just growing up when you did… what would you choose? 

Hannah: I’d definitely prefer to grow up without mobile phones or computers. I think it’s amazing that we have access to so much more with this technology but I think the knowledge we gain is so temporary and has totally changed the way our minds work. 



Photo by Em Jensen

Photo by Em Jensen

Amy: If we weren't so busy with the band, do you think you would pursue photography further and if so, what would you shoot? 

Sarah: I would hope so. I love taking photos. It's been a passion of mine for a long time. It'd be fun to shoot bands. Amy's friend actually asked if I would photograph her wedding later this year which I'm looking forward to. Fashion photography could be fun too.

Hannah: What’s the best thing about being in a band? And what’s the worst thing? 

Sarah: Best thing is traveling around, seeing new places, meeting some wonderful people, playing to new audiences and making so many great memories. The worst thing is, it can be exhausting at times. Juggling our personal lives and seeking independence from the band. 

Holly: would you have preferred to start the band at the age you are now, after finishing school and having a normal job etc?

Sarah: Yes and no.. I feel like everything happens for a reason. But at the same time, we do wonder how the band would be going if we had the chance to start at a later stage in life. We started at quite a young age and the band was pretty fresh when it all started happening. So we obviously weren’t as developed as musicians and individuals as we are now. Also, our band has always been a priority in our lives, so we’ve always put our everything into it and worked around it in terms of jobs and studying. If we started at a later stage, we potentially would have all gone straight to uni from high school, or had 9-5 jobs. But in saying that, we’ve done some amazing things in our career that we may not have had the opportunity to do so if we started now.  




Amy: If you weren’t playing in the band and had to choose a completely different career, what would it be?

Holly: At the moment I can’t imagine doing anything but playing music, but I do have lots of different interests so maybe one of the following; architecture, interior design, stylist, psychology, music therapy, or maybe working for a mag like RUSSH or Oyster magazine…  

Hannah: What album or song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Holly: ‘Plantasia’ by Mort Garson! I’ve been listening to it every day, love it! 

Sarah: Holly, is it difficult being the youngest in the band? 

Holly: Now that we’re all in our 20s it’s not so bad, but back in the day when we were touring and I was in my early teens and still in high school, it did kind of suck. We were literally always away when there were school camps and what not, and I then had to leave in year 10 so I could do distance education, so I missed out on deb, muck up days, grad etc. Luckily I’m still besties with a few of the gals from school, but i think I definitely missed out on a lot of those crazy parties that everyone remembers forever. The only limitation of being the youngest now is that everyone we meet and make friends with are way older than me so I feel like I can’t personally be good pals with them.


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and catch them on tour in the UK and Europe at the dates below:


7/05 UK, Brighton, The Hope & Ruin

7/06 UK, London, Shacklewell Arms 

7/07 UK, Bristol, Bristol Psych Fest

7/08 UK, Newcastle, The Cluny

7/12 UK, Manchester, Night & Day 

7/13 UK, Stirling, Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival

7/14 UK, Preston, The Ferret 

7/18 FR, Paris, Espace B 

7/20 NL, Leeuwarden, Welcome To The Village 

7/21 DE Hamburg, Molotow

7/22 DE Berlin, Zukunft Garage

+ More Dates to be Announced