Single Premiere, "Everybody Loves You" From The Voluptuals

Photograph by Tovah Olmo

Photograph by Tovah Olmo

"The cumming wave of intercontinentally-communicative-robotic-sex-prostheses, the ever-expanding heap of zombie-selves amassing in the ether of their host’s memory, chronically masturbatory meta-vogues and their drab all-too-familiar registry of throat-fried grievances, the responsibility of us all to gorge upon monumental doses of hot and stinking piles of failure and, of course, the pleasures of vision to be mined therefrom: such is an index, albeit sorely abridged, of the content which shall soon flit amidst the likes of many a fleshly lobe, shall be known as The Voluptuals’ first full length release, Terminal Patience."

In other words... Chicago band The Voluptuals are releasing their debut album Terminal Patience July 16th on vinyl and all streaming services. To celebrate there will be a free album release show at Chicago's Empty Bottle that night. Before the full record goes live, here's the premiere of the first single "Everybody Loves You."


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