Midweek Music: Touring with Chicago's Deeper


Playlist Curated by Deeper

Image Courtesy of  Alexa Viscius

Image Courtesy of Alexa Viscius


Chicago's Deeper are about to embark on a release tour for their debut self-titled album. Forming in 2014, the hazy punk four piece has been through the ringer of trial and error to get to where they are today. Integral members of the DIY Chicago music scene, they've played with friends NE-HI and Whitney, among many others. Below they've pulled together a playlist of all their favorite songs from the talented folks who will be joining them at different stops along the road starting May 18th.


"House Show" - BRNDA

Really excited to have BRNDA on our DC show. We love the distinct thin guitar tone and subdued vocal delivery on ‘House Show’. The way the singer shouts reminds me of the B52’s, which is pretty tight. They’re also on the super hip label Babe City Records, who also just released the newest record from our friends in VARSITY.


"Sunset Preacher" - Omni

Omni are some really good guys we’ve known since the early days of Deeper when they were still called Landline. "Sunset Preacher" is an awesome new cut from them and I love the dynamic between the spastic guitar section and the bass-driven groove. Tasty tune. Excited to play in their hometown Atlanta with them.


"Codex Hammer" - Pool Holograph

Pool Holograph are playing our album release show in Chicago on 5/18 and have been good buddies for a while. "Codex Hammer" is one of my favorite tracks off their most recent record Transparent World. To me, the interlocked guitar lines are what really make this song special.


"Pain Killer" - Iceage

Iceage has been one of our favorites for a long time and it’s sort of a dream come true to play with them in Nashville. We dig "Pain Killer" because of how the horns fill out the guitars, but never sound corny. Horns in punk music are pretty tough to do well and they killed it. Sky Ferreira’s vocals are a perfect addition also.


"Either Way" - Gift Wrap

All of us in Deeper are huge fans of B Boys and this side project from Brendon Avalos is really slick. "Either Way" catches my attention because of how the guitar complements the vocals at the end of each phrase. Gift Wrap is playing our New York album release show and we can’t wait to hear these tunes live.


"Crypt" - Corey Flood

We are label mates with Corey Flood and so stoked to be playing with them when we come through Philly. I like how they just used (I’m guessing) an overhead mic on the drums in "Crypt" for the kit to sound a little more distant. It allows the listener to focus more on the guitar tones and whisper-like vocals.


"Happy Birthday" - Frass Green

Frass Green is a newer band out of DC, but "Happy Birthday" to me shows they’re going to be doing a lot more soon. The blown out bass line over the punchy drum machine makes a nice bed for the crooning vocals. The reverbed out guitar towards the end almost make the track feel nostalgic.


"Luxury" - Patio

Patio is really really cool. I love how the instrumentation helps create a narrative in the song; the singer sounds apathetic as she says “I’m bored and stuck” before the ending kind of busts open and feels like someone trying to get free from their routine. Stoked for them to be playing our New York album release with us.


"Close Enough" - Leopard Print Taser

LPT helped put together a hell of a show when we came through Boston in the fall. Last month they dropped a cassette with "Close Enough" on it. The song is a ripper that pulls in a nice low-key bridge before the ending goes crazy. Can’t wait to play with them again.


"Heavy" - Montezuma

We’ve known a few of the guys in Montezuma since college and they really have a knack for lush instrumentation. The whole jam at the end of "Heavy" incorporates a lot of great guitar and keys sounds – all the tones complement each other really well.


Keep up with Deeper on Instagram and Facebook and catch them on tour below:


5.18 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

5.19 - Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub

5.21 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Tavern

5.21 - Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge

5.22 - Atlanta, GA @ 529

5.23 - Baltimore, MD @ EMP Collective

5.24 - Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong

5.25 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

5.26 - Boston, MA @ Black Lodge

5.27 - Northampton, MA @ Red Cross

5.28 - Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits

5.29 - Richmond, VA @ Flora

5.31 - Columbus, OH @ Spacebar

6.03 - Chicago, IL @ Do Division Festival