Midweek Music: Demo Taped


Playlist Curated By Adam Alexander


While Atlanta native Adam Alexander may only be 19 years old, he's already remixed Sylvan Esso tunes and been on tour with Wet and NAO. Known by his stage name, "Demo Taped," he's set to release his EP "Momentary" at the end of the month. Adam recorded the first track from the EP, "Insecure," in the church where his grandfather is the pastor and accompanied by his father on bass, infusing a personal touch into his music. In lieu of the release, Adam created a playlist of important songs and moments over the past year during the creation of the EP to share.


"Super Spirit"
Junie Morrison

This is a photo of me playing my Yamaha Reface CS. It’s a small synth, but you can do so much with it. I really like looking at this because I used this synth so much on my new EP, "Momentary." I was listening to a lot of Junie when I was making the EP and I just am always blown away by his use of space, arrangements, and percussive synth parts. He’s a big inspiration. 


"To Be Young, Gifted and Black"
Nina Simone

I took this photo from the passenger seat of a car driving through Atlanta. I just remember seeing this, taking the photo, and hearing Nina Simone on the radio. It actually may have been “Sunday in Savannah” playing at the time, but I look at this photo now and I’m instantly hearing “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”. 


"Love’s In Need of Love Today"
Stevie Wonder

A blurred out photo of cars passing by in ATL. I love my city. I love this song. It’s message is just so beautiful and true. I guess I don't just see cars when I look at this. I see the people in them. Everyone needs love. Everyone is loved. 


Standing On The Corner

One night I went swimming with my friends Val, Evie, and Miles (who took the photo). It was just a really great night. I hear "Wordee" by Standing On The Corner when I look at this just because its such a warm song. It feels like swimming and being out late with friends. 



I love this photo. It was taken at NAO’s show in Atlanta last year. My tour of Europe and the UK with her was my first big tour. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I was only like 18 at the time and my dad came on the tour with me which was really incredible. My mother also joined us in the UK. But we all got to spend a lot of time with NAO and her band, who are all just incredible people. So I brought my parents along to the Atlanta show and we all got to chat and hang with everyone again for a good while. My mother took this photo. “I like the way nostalgia makes me feel”.


"Blue In Green"
Miles Davis

One night I went out with my good friend Jazz to a photoshoot he was having. I took this photo knowing I’d get something interesting in terms of lighting. Miles Davis’ "Blue in Green" because it’s a song Jazz and I have listened to and discussed a lot. We really talk about "Kind of Blue" as a whole but this song stands out and I think it matches the pace and feel of the night. 


Passion Pit

This photo was taken at a house that three friends of mine had for a while. I met so many wonderful people there that I now call friends. Everyone has since moved, but we all see each other. I played Passion Pit’s album "Tremendous Sea of Love" so much through a portable speaker we used on the deck. 


"Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)"
Daniel Caesar

I was at some frat party in the city with a group of friends one night. It was just a weird night. It was one of those situations where one person in the group knows someone there… so yeah… I just remember thinking it’d be cool to be at a party like the one in the music video for "Get You." 


"(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano"

I found this in a very old photo album. My mother probably took this. My newborn hand resting on my dad’s hand. The Sampha song just makes me think of family and love and I feel a deep connection to it as my dad introduced me to so much music and both of my parents have always supported me. 


"Cranes in the Sky"

I was at my church doing a photoshoot and I remember driving there and bumping this song on the way. After the shoot was done, I put it back on and went home. This song just establishes a mood so well. 


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