BFFs Forever: Lala Lala's Lillie West and Chastity Belt's Annie Truscott


Interview by Lillie West and Annie Truscott

Illustration by Peter Hopkins


Annie and I met at a barbecue at our friend Harmony's house and then went to the Crocs store at the mall. Now we talk every day. She's the Ashley to my Mary-Kate. I love her. The end. (Lillie is the lead singer of Chicago band Lala Lala and Annie is the bassist of Seattle's Chastity Belt. Listen to their music below and aspire to have the type of friendship these two have.)


What would our band be called?

Lillie: Twin ass.

Annie: FaceTime My Ass.


Favorite character on the OC?

Lillie:  Seth. He's a little devil.

Annie: Seth Cohen hands down. He has the best (worst) shirts and loves Death Cab for Cutie as much as I do.


What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen?

Lillie: I saw a guy with sneakers tattooed on his feet. I have a picture somewhere. He asked me if he could do drugs in my van.

Annie: Now that I have so many dumb tattoos, I don’t feel like it’s my place to make tattoo judgments. “To each their own”, “Carpe diem”.


Celebrity crush.

Lillie: Marika Hackman!! Hands down.

Annie: Hmm... I recently got my haircut right next to Kristin Stewart and before I went in, I literally googled “hot lesbian haircuts” and she was the top hit. I wanted to tell her that story but I get very VERY starstruck and turn red easily so I didn’t say anything. Not sure she’s my number one crush though. Sporty Spice (Mel C) was my first celeb crush so I’m gonna go with that! SPORTY SPICE.


What was your first screen name?

Lillie: nirvanahotdog93. I thought it would be funny to put a "cool band" with a "random meat" 

Annie: ricor12. Rico was my cats name, the "r" stands for “rocks” and 12 was my soccer jersey number.


What's your favorite thing about being sober?

Lillie: Remembering everything. Getting shit done. My relationships.  

Annie: Never being hungover, saying less dumb stuff, and realizing how many freaking rad sober people there are out there and getting closer to them because of this weird superpower we have.


Tour secret?

Lillie: When we're in traffic I pretend to throw up water out the window. That's not a secret but I've never told anyone before, so...

Annie: Sometimes if there isn’t a bathroom backstage, I (and other bandmates) will pee in a cup before we play. Yolo.


If we got married what would the theme be?

Lillie: Circus??? 

Annie: Farm theme.


What would you name your horse?

Lillie: Annie. Just kidding. Tuesday.

Annie: Meredith. I like human names for animals.


Will we be friends forever?

Lillie: & ever.

Annie: Absolutely 100% yes no question.


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