Introducing The Entire Universe - Yes, That’s The Band Name


Written by Alexandra Graber

Photographed by Alexandra Peace


Imagine a scene in LA, not an uncommon scene, where a party is happening. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is tall, everyone is slowly sipping their craft cocktails and promiscuously dragging their American Spirits. This is a storyline we are all familiar with, even if we’ve never stepped foot in Los Angeles ourselves. LA has been stereotyped for being a city of beautiful, vain people. The kind of people that use stones for healing energy properties, or the kind of place where smog hovers around outdoor get togethers, and of course, everyone knows someone who knows someone in the industry. This is the exact scene that brought The Entire Universe together.

Jeffertitti, the man at the center of the creation of the band The Entire Universe, attended aforementioned party. While he looked among a sea of stunning people he saw a dashingly handsome, long blonde haired man, named Evan Snyder, wearing a military coat. This may seem irrelevant, but Jeffertitti had a vision for the band he was about to create. “I was trying to have a peaceful militant visual aesthetic,” he explains whilst wearing his signature military cap. As for bassist, Eric Lodwick, he muses, “And with Eric I literally wanted the bass player from The Clash and I pretty much found him.” The three stylish, undoubtedly good-looking men combined their musical talents and created an immediate force that swiftly manifested as The Entire Universe. And so, their rock-and-roll universe was born.

In typical love at first sight fashion, everything for The Entire Universe moved rather quickly. Jeffertitti shares of the experience, “There’s something different that happens when it’s a band of people that really connect with each other. We all live together now. And the first day that we all played music together, we were pretending to spit in each other’s hands and shake hands like blood brothers. It feels like the first day we played was a week long. We played all day and all night.”

When watching The Entire Universe perform it’s undeniable that the band does create the illusion that they’ve been playing together much longer than just a mere few months. The individuals that make up the band come together to form this innate unit that all melts into one creative wavelength. Through this wavelength they’ve mastered modern love songs with a sound much larger than what one would expect from three instruments. At first, seeing them live, I could’ve sworn they had a keys player, but there was none in sight. The Entire Universe perfectly fill out the space and add layers to their songs to create a complex measure of depth.

Creating feels good, whether that’s creating a moment or creating a song.

The Entire Universe came from a place of true frustration for Jeffertitti. The members had all previously been involved with different musical ventures prior to creating The Entire Universe, but nothing was really clicking. “We’ve all done our fair share of different things and had different ups and downs. We’ve started things and learned things along the way,” states Jeffertitti. He goes on to say, “What I was working on before this, I feel like it all happened just so I could learn what not to do.”

In learning what not to do, the band honed in on exactly what their artistic vision was for their group. Although, the album The Entire Universe is releasing was created by Jeffertitti alone. “I just made it by myself super fast, it kind of just flew out of me. We had all been working on other things before we came together and I feel like I was really stuck on the last thing I was doing and because I reached such a frustrated point, everything stopped mattering. It didn’t matter anymore and the flood gates kind of opened. It’s just one song’s done today, and another’s done tomorrow, and then the next day’s another song. And then once we started playing [together] even more songs started coming.”


This time around, there would be no energies wasted. Jeffertitti built a studio in the band’s home and the threesome dove immediately into creating. He says, “Creating feels good, whether that’s creating a moment or creating a song. We made all this merch, all these clothes and patches. We’re out in the backyard screening things.” The Entire Universe is finding inspiration through many mediums of art. In just speaking to them there is a level of visualness that is a clear part of their art form. The music speaks for itself, but they are not shy about how they want to be perceived by their looks alone.

The Entire Universe is a band name that is quite perplexing. The whole universe encompasses everything, obviously, and those are some big shoes to fill for a brand new band. “It’s basically reminding everybody that we are all each other, that each little part of the greater picture [is] just as important as some massive thing. Basically, if you're trying to change something,  [you're trying] to change yourself and that will ripple out,” explains Jeffertitti. The ripple affect is apparent in their music. An artistic brick wall brought them together and ultimately forced each of them to look inwards at what they really wanted to create. As corny as it may sound, they truly believe the universe brought them together. After having a conversation with the three, I am starting to believe they're right.


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