"Opal Angel" Luna Li Music Video Premiere


Photos Courtesy of Jacqueline Ashton

Illustration Courtesy of Kendra Yee


Luna Li's Opal Angel is a garage-rock daydream, a romp through the celestial weightlessness of the natural world and an escape from the clutter of the man-made environments we live and work in. The Toronto based artist, formally known under the moniker VEINS, infused the song's story into the video, working with an all female team. The group of filmmakers includes director Holly Pruner, cinematographer Katelyn Rebelo, producer Annalee Walton, production designer Leticia Bianco and lighting designer Joyce Zhao. Celebrating a DIY attitude, their aim is to put women in front of the camera with honesty and behind it with confidence. Find the premiere of Opal Angel below.


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