Midweek Music: Jenny Kaufman of Glassnote Records


By Jenny Kaufman

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Kaufman

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Kaufman

Living in and being from New York has shaped many parts of my life including my taste in music. There's a certain harshness to New York, and that sense of urgency makes its way into plenty of art that I enjoy and has motivated me professionally. My playlist is an ode to all of these things - it focuses on music from local bands including tracks I curated for Noteworthy 01, Glassnote Records' first compilation.

Noteworthy 01 was created to highlight talent within our local arts community and features eight NYC-based bands. I handled A&R and creative direction for this project and had the pleasure of working with these bands to create an eclectic body of work. Simply put - New York would not be the city it is without it's creative past and we need to support artists to enable it's creative future.


Noteworthy 01 includes:

Plain Dog, Petite League, Grim Streaker, Your Dog, Blasteroid, Native Sun, The '94 Knicks, and THICK


You can listen to Noteworthy 01 here and attend the Noteworthy 01 Record Release show today, 8/16 @ Union Pool