A Trip Upstate with Joseph From Girlyboi

Photographed by Cory Vanderploeg


Girlyboi, a folk-pop duo originally from Chicago, Illinois, is the musical project of Carly Russ and Joseph Matick, who started recording together around 2015. 


Joseph compiled this playlist for us on Spotify with friends EB Sollis (aka “machetevanhalen”), Carly and Alex his bandmates, and Eric their engineer, for moments whenever you find yourself tripping, whether that be upstate or elsewhere.



"This was our campsite. Very scenic. Around the bend looked like what I’d imagined Switzerland to look like. But no, it was just upstate New York. A place where highbrow New Yorkers consider all the residents to be less “culturally adept” than the rest of New York. Although ironically, most of these highbrow folks own homes here. However, that’s besides the point. During this particular instance, it was just me and a few good friends (a few good friends and I?) And we were happy. And that’s all that mattered. "


"I went to rent a canoe for me and my girl…I got lost looking for the canoe rental guy.

Luckily, Cory was around to capture a few notable moments. I would like to preface this by saying that I do not advocate the use of drugs. However I am a big fan of trips. Of all sorts. Take from that what you will."


"Here I am walking to rent a canoe in what seems like dramatic fashion. In a friend’s robe.  

Oh yeah, if you go on a trip, take friends. Also, make sure one of those friends brings a robe you can borrow while looking for the canoe guy. Robes…versatile, comfortable and with the most appropriately placed pockets. Always arms length. Ridiculous. Love robes. Ponchos also deserve an honorable mention."


"Here I am again. That’s my face. Post canoe ride. Pissed that I had broken my camera during what proved to be a tumultuous (yet titillating) canoe ride. If, you go on a trip, it helps to have at least one-experienced boatsmen. And an extra camera.  And if not, someone to capture that moment when you have neither."


"Found my cigarettes. As we all know, these things are terrible for you but “GOT TAM” are they tasty on a good ole’ trip upstate."

"Looking for a restroom… "


"Found it."


"Hey it’s me! And I just found my lighter. For my “got tam” awesome cigarette. Also, at this moment I remembered that Cory was following me."


"When you feel good, you dance.  Here I am doing both.  What you’re witnessing is an epiphany. But those are sometimes best kept to yourself."

“Are there dark parts to your mind? Hidden secrets left behind? Where no one ever goes, but everybody knows? It’s alright” – Scott McMicken


"This could do absolutely nothing for me at this point.  Even if it was full. The Afroman song , “Colt 45” slowly creeps into my head before I shake it off. Shake, shake shake it off with another earworm courtesy of Ms. Swift. I begin to think about how alcohol is the only social acceptable drug in the United States. I imagine that the Surgeon’s General warning on the bottle telling you “not to drink while pregnant” is because the bottle is probably the first thing a distraught mother would reach for. "

"How many babies were lost to alcohol poisoning before the almighty Surgeon General?? And how many sober people in the world there would be if a psychedelic trip were a prerequisite, a rite-of passage before entering into the deep dark dive-bar dystopia. (Not that I don’t fancy me good dive bar). I mean…would domestic violence drop? Roadside accidents? Less insecure macho dudes feeling the need to assert their masculinity and prove they’re “not gay, dude.”

"Man looking at this beer fucked me up…"

"You know that saying…”drinking isn’t the answer, but it helps you forget the question.” It’s a funny, but dangerous sentiment.



"I realize the only way back to camp is my phone, but “NOOOO WAY.” I’m trying to be all cool and bohemian and off-the-grid ya know?  No way I’m touching my cell-phone so…. I need to look for a compass at this point…"


"Found it."


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