At the Moment: Gutxi Bibang


Photographed by Jenna Putnam


London based musician Guxti Bibang makes an impression not just in his name, but the way he carries himself. There's a Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix aura that makes you crave more. What makes Gutxi even more alluring is his accompanying band members, bassist and girlfriend Tabatha Beu and the band's drummer Gary Lee. The three piece represents several countries, Gutxi originally hailing from Spain with Equatorial Guinea heritage, Tabatha with her fiery red hair from Houston, Texas, and Gary from England, holding down their London roots. Their diverse identity is a fresh taste of what rock music has been missing. They're unapologetic, and their music and individuality speaks to that.


Listen to Guxti Bibang on the left and hear their favorite songs of the moment on the right:


POND: How has the music scene in London, if at all, influenced you?

Tabatha: The government suffocated all the arts out of the city so there’s not many creatives left that don’t have a silver spoon in their mouths and something to say. 


POND: How do the political undertones found in "System of a Gun" continue throughout the rest of your work?

Gutxi: We have a few more political songs, but we’re not Rage Against the Machine. We just write about our perspective.


POND: What are the perks of collaborating with your significant other?

Tabatha: You can be 100% with no fluff with one another about music. 

Gutxi: We both love playing music and traveling so it's perfect.



POND: Do you find that the type of music you create influences your sense of style?

Tabatha: Not really. We both had our individual sense of style before we started the band and nothing has really changed that.


POND: Three artists we don't know about who we should.

G&T: X, Meat Bodies, Wire.


POND: Favorite language to sing in.

Gutxi: English and French. Basque is a beautiful language but it's difficult to harmonize.


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