First Time For Everything: The Parrots in NYC


On the night The Parrots arrived in New York City for the first time they walked all the way from Brooklyn into Manhattan, ventured to Times Square, and then ended up at a drag queen competition in Chelsea. Needless to say, they were late the next day, but that might have been more because they were on laid back Madrid time - a foreign concept to most New Yorkers. Thriving in the garage rock scene in Madrid, many Americans may know The Parrots as the "brother" band to Hinds, but they stand very much on their own. While they didn't need much more of an introduction to the city after their adventure the night prior - we brought them to "the Best Pizza" in Williamsburg to give them a little taste of that infamous New York flavor. In the city for the next few days before heading to SXSW their plans included a trip to Coney Island, a street hot dog, and bike riding through Greenpoint in 19 degree weather to see a "Show Me The Body" set. 


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