Indie-pendence Playlist: Laura & Greg

Photographed by Bridget Badore


We bumped around Greenpoint to get to know Brooklyn based indie duo Laura and Greg. Hailing from Australia and Moldova, they've gotten around; traveling to the likes of Canada and Austin to share their fuzzy folk tunes. To start off the holiday weekend right, they put together a playlist for us. Hit play below to start feeling that "indie-pendence" along with a short little Q&A.


POND: Pre-show essentials

L & G: Coffee, warmup, a beer to share.

POND: Dream lineup

L & G: Us, Mitski, Ezra Furman

POND: Favorite venue to play in NYC

L & G: Shea Stadium

POND: You guys met at a bar, what's your drink of choice?

L & G: Seltzer

POND: Perks of being a two-piece

L & G: We can tour in a hatch-back and rehearse almost anywhere.


Listen to Laura and Greg here and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.