BUFU Class of 2069

By BUFU Records


Boston based label, BUFU Records is at it again with a new compilation, 'BUFU Class of 2069.' Containing mostly new songs from the artists featured, many of the artists have already released with BUFU such as Free Pizza, DeGreaser, The Jellyfish Brothers, The Lemons, etc. But also featured are a slew of new bands being added to the roster such as Way Out from Providence, Veiny Hands from Florida, and most notably Gnar Tapes superstars aka The Memories from Los Angeles.

Releases they're stoked to have coming up are Free Pizza 'Berlin, DE' coming out 6/24, with records from The Memories and Flower Girl soon to follow! Also in the works is a new record from Flower Girl, as well as tapes for such bands as Veiny Hands, Beastie Vee and more. Stay tuned for some more rock n' roll.


1. Free Pizza - Dancing

2. Tall Juan - It's True

3. Ben Katzman's DeGreaser - You Shred 

4. The Memories - It's Not A Game

5. Flower Girl - Let's Build A Fort

6. The Lemons - Peanut Butter

7. Jellyfish Brothers - Useless information

8. Way Out - Cold

9. Veiny Hands - Tonguing

10. Beastie Vee - Sungasm

11. Midriffs - Pretty

12. Christ 4 - Jacking


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