Midweek Music: Spring Break


Playlist Curated by Carl Pietrusinksi


I remember watching MTV Spring Break circa 2007 in awe of the shenanigans. For some reason, one of the specific memories I have is watching G-Unit perform on the beach in Cancun. I routinely remember this around the middle of March every year and feel a slight wave of depression, knowing that I'll be spending my Spring Break in Pittsburgh, where the closest thing to a beach would be a dirt patch along the Ohio River.

But everyone has their own version of seeing a G-Unit concert at the beach. Mine this year included, binge watching the latest season of House of Cards, catching up with old friends, and applying to dream jobs more than likely out of my reach. 

The point that I'm going for is that not everybody can afford the MTV Spring Break fantasy week. So this is a playlist for all of you out there who are stuck in your childhood bedrooms for the week, refreshing your Snapchat stories, only to find everyone having more fun than you.



P.S. I'm sorry but I just couldn't bring myself to include G-Unit in this playlist.