"Mr. Policeman," Stuyedeyed Single Premiere


Greetings telescopes with eye holes,

These words are to be in conjunction with our song “Mr. Policeman.” Given the obstacles that many of our descendants had to overcome, it is not permissible for us, as free people and citizens of the world, to stand down and conform to inaction in the fight for equality. For we are powerful beings born with the potential to reciprocate the bountiful that nature has given us. And if we believe these things to be true, being blissful of any oppression to these freedoms would be a misemployment of our majestic capacities and the basic desire of being unfettered from unwarrantable judgment.  

This song is about the quotas that have been met at the expense of our sisters and brothers of color. It is about the enforcers of law and order who criminally pursue the disenfranchised. These two minutes are about the anger, angst, and the hate. Spoken in rhythm, aggression, and conviction.

Are you a good police officer and public servant of the law carrying your civic duties in accordance to the law and showcasing great judgment as you protect the common folk? This song is not about you. 

This song is about the colleagues in arms you refuse to speak out against injustice. It is about the increasingly militarized presence; regardless of our calls of disagreement of giving so much to those trained so little. It is about excessive use of force. It is for the protesters that have been unjustly detained during peaceful protests. It is a reminder to those who stopped fighting, that it is not over. We can and must achieve justice for those who have been casted aside. 

Fight for your fellow human being. Every inch of space we occupy, we shall share. Fervently defend that right for everyone. 

With love and power,


Photograph by Liz Maney

Photograph by Liz Maney


Keep an eye out for Stuyedeyed's full EP, Funeral, set to release March 10, 2017. Until then, keep up with them on Facebook and catch them tonight (12/14) at Baby's All Right with Honduras, Navy Gangs, and Retail. Get your tickets here.