Midweek Music: Lithuania

Intro By Dominic Angelella of Lithuania

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt


Ricardo has a vehicle that we all love very much. It is a green 2005 Honda Element and apart from occasional cross-country trips, we use his car to travel everywhere. Ricardo's love for this vehicle is well documented ("Not everyone can say they own the car of their dreams. I can." - Jump Magazine, 2015) and as Lithuania continues ripping up and down I-95, playing shows and getting high on coffee, we feel our fondness for the Element grow with every journey. It's comfortable, can fit all of our gear, and it's a private place for the three of us to enjoy music we would never listen to anywhere else.

In this particular Element, all previous opinions/judgements are rendered irrelevant. Bands that I had previously met with total disgust were appreciated with new ears. Overly-degraded Grateful Dead and Slipknot tapes had me calling friends exclaiming my love for music I would've scoffed at years ago. Michael McDonald background vocals were appreciated in different ways. It's amazing what long trips and lack of sleep can do to your perspective. 

All of these recordings remind us of Ricardo's car in some way. May it live long and help us on our journeys. 


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