Midweek Music: Sacha Lecca


By Sacha Lecca


I come from a photographic family, my parents are working photographers, well known in some circles, and taught me how to operate a camera, process and print film at a young age; my twin sister is a successful and sought after music video director.  My father was also in a famous rock band in Romania called Coral. Among their songs are Romanian translations of some by the Beatles and Beach Boys they were able to get via the black market. Some of earliest memories involve awesome record collection, and music constantly playing at home.

I bring up this history only to contextualize my connection to music and to photography in general.

There is almost never a time when I am not walking around with headphones (or ear buds) listening to music. I’m always listening. There’s also no time I don’t have some kind of camera, and always watching. It wasn’t until I landed at Rolling Stone did I seriously combine the two, that is to say, I like to shoot music. It’s work related but regardless it’s a way for me to commune with it further.

The songs on this particular list, it’s just what I’d been listening to recently, the latest mix of inspiration, of companionship during commutes to the office, or hanging at home. If I make this list again next week or even tomorrow it’ll be different. Some are just killer tracks and others carry the extra emotional weight of marking particular moments in my life as songs often do.  When songs come around at the just right time they feel like they’re made just for you and that surely anyone else hearing it is listening to something else, it’s something for them.


Keep up with Sacha's work on Instagram and as Deputy Photo Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine.

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