Nest Fest 2

Text by Director Matt Yeandel


NEST FEST 2, a 15 minute documentary, highlights one of the craziest DIY music venues in North Philadelphia and its annual festival (which ran from Oct 15-18, 2015). The documentary focuses on the people who run The Nest along with interviews with bands such as RFA, Husky Bundles, The Chelsea Kills, Minor Setbacks, Playboy Manbaby, The Living Strange and many more.

I made this film along with my partners Ben Cohen and Deanna Brown and it was definitely interesting to say the least. Before Nest Fest 2 started, I had known Joey (one of the residents of The Nest). Along with Joey and my friend Will Loftus, we talked about how cool it would be to make a documentary about Nest Fest. 

Ben, Deanna and I had a wild time filming this documentary and we're glad to share this film with anyone who's interested in music, piles of trash, Mac, and an amazing group of local Philly bands.


Dedicated to Joey's father, John DeMedio Sr. RIP.

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