Live: Vundabar


Brandon Hagen - Guitar and Vocals
Zackery Abramo - Bass
Drew McDonald - Drums


This is Vundabar. They play “Sludgy Jangly Pop” rock, according to their Instagram.


They make the kids go wild.


The venue felt like a sauna, but that didn’t keep Zackery from wearing a stylish beanie.


Tip of the hat to some crazy performers. The last show I saw of theirs, Brandon and Drew started spitting on each other and trading silent drum and guitar solos making the crowd go bananas.


“Lift me up! Lift me up!” said the girl. “Uummphff,” said the guy with the shiny ring.


About 5 seconds after this shot, this guy landed flat on his tailbone on the hard wood floor. He survived, I think.


Damn, these dudes are creative. They used old high school projectors with glass plates on top to press down on watercolors for lighting effects. They projected colorful splatters all over the old bed sheets strung up on the back of the stage.




During the last song, Brandon ate the microphone and kept it in his mouth, screaming while still shredding a solo on the guitar.


Cheers to the bro who wore a button-up and only lost most of his drink.


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